micro_comics's Journal

Micro-Comics started in 1982 when Paul Curtis was trying to imagine a way to sell self-published comics to a wider audience. Most home-made comics are sold to friends and family, and to the small scattering of people who like comics that are outside the bounds of the mass market; the idea was to widen the audience for such "outsider" comics by offering a good variety at a low price. Micro-Comics were sold in packages, three-for-a-quarter...and readers could buy a complete set of 36 tiny comics for $3 and postage. Three sets of 36 comic books were completed and each series sold just under 300 copies, which was respectable circulation for self-published comics.

Around two-dozen artists and writers created almost 150 Micro-Comics before the project ran out of time and money in 1988. The final twelve issues in series 4 remained mostly unprinted and attempts to find a publisher willing to complete the project were unsuccessful. Surprisingly, over a decade later, some of the original creators are still enthusiastic and this LiveJournal is intended as a forum for background history as well as discussion of a possible revival of Micro-Comics

Paul Curtis